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Colored Theatre Lights


Course Description

Participants will explore introductory acting techniques including vocal and physical acting methods.

This class meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 9 weeks beginning January 25th 2022.

Course Outline

                                 Week One:       Introduction to Acting / Acting Techniques

                                 Week Two:       Character Development / Character Emotions

                                 Week Three:   Introduction to the Stage / Stage Movement

                                 Week Four:     Audition Preparation / One-Act Auditions

                                 Week Five:      One-Act Rehearsals

                                 Week Six:          One-Act Rehearsals

                                 Week Seven:  One-Act Rehearsals

                                 Week Eight:     One-Act Rehearsals

                                 Week Nine:      Showcase Performance

        The course will culminate in a Showcase Performance highlighting the work

students have done throughout the class.

So, You Want To Be an Actor?
Middle School

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